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'ANGEL NUMBER II NECKLACE' Exclusive SHOP PAIGE NY designed 14K gold vermeil (925 sterling silver plated in genuine 14K gold) angel number pendant on an 18 inch snake chain. View below for available numbers and their meanings. This is a SHOP PAIGE original custom design. 

111 INTUITION. Trust your gut & listen to your heart

222 ALIGNMENT. You are in the right place & the right time

333 SUPPORT. Your spiritual guides are around you sending you love, support & guidance

444 PROTECTION. The universe and your spiritual guides are protecting you

555 CHANGE. Something new is coming 

666 REFLECT. It is time to wake up to your higher spiritual truth 

777 LUCK. Wonderful things are about to happen

888 BALANCE. Everything is falling into place as it is meant to be

999 RELEASE. It is time to let go of what is no longer serving you